Tony Revolori confirms that he will return to Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 is one of the most anticipated movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will once again feature Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson.

The actor Tony Revolori became known thanks to the movie The great hotel Budapest (2014) and The fifth wave (2016), but it has also been Flash thompson in the movies of Marvel and now he will repeat the role in Spider-man 3Although he is far removed from his version of the comics, this character serves as comic relief among all the action he has to face. Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

Tony Revolori confirms that he will return to Spider-Man 3

Peter Parker's schoolmates figured prominently in both Homecoming (2017) as in Far from home (2019), so it's not exactly a surprise to know that Tony Revolori He will return for the next New York great hero movie. So it is expected that Jacob Batalon I came back as Ned Leeds and of course Zendaya like MJ.

For now there are not many details of the film.

The plot details of the Spider-man 3 still untitled remain a secret, but the post-credit scene of Far from home it certainly seems to lay the groundwork for what lies ahead. Since Spider-Man is accused of the death of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) plus J.J. Jameson (J.K. Simmons) He exposed his real identity and declared him the public enemy No. 1. Therefore his high school friends like Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori), Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) and MJ (Zendaya) will be more important than ever. Either to be a support or to be a nuisance. Also you will need a lawyer and it could be Matt Murdock / Daredevil or Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk, which would be a real bombshell and a joy for Marvel fans.

It was recently announced that Spider-man 3 It had been delayed for a few weeks, and will now hit theaters on December 17, 2021. So let's hope they don't delay it any further. | Movies, comics and series

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