Tony Stark could appear in the adaptation of Secret Wars

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is preparing for a new phase, and according to new rumors, we could see Tony Stark again. Apparently, the character could appear in Secret Wars.

Although this 2020 will not have any Marvel movie in the cinema, the truth is that the adventures of our favorite superheroes do not have an end. While we wait to see the new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen, a rumor ensures that Tony Stark could return. The truth is that on many occasions, Robert Downey Jr. made it clear that he would no longer make any film for the studio, but…. never say Never.

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Geekosity presented a report that talks about a possible adaptation of Secret Wars, which Marvel Studios would be working on for the future and that could become a very important event. Mikey Sutton, editor in chief of the portal, spoke about this possible idea that the study is thinking about. And that, if things go well, we could have a spectacular film event in front of us. And back to Tony Stark.

Returning to the MCU?

“Just like in the old comics, it will be a crossover, MCU movies and Disney + TV series that will tell a different part of the story until they are all linked in the ending. If it proceeds as being discussed, it will be a gigantic and ambitious undertaking. Secret Wars will involve almost every existing superhero in the MCU, including those from Disney +. Sound overloaded? Not so much, because this story will be told throughout various movies and television series. Each movie and television show will focus on a different Battleworld, ”revealed the report published by the outlet.

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The medium also reported that Tony Stark will appear for one of the Secret Wars Battleworlds in the MCU, but not the one who died in Avengers: Endgame, but a parallel version perhaps played by Robert Downey Jr. Sutton himself. He also clarified that Marvel Studios wants the actor to return for the character. | Cinema, comics and series

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