Top 5 of the most powerful weapons of the MCU villains

In the MCU there is something that has always been characteristic: its villains. They have achieved little or much thanks to their weapons, which have caused heroes to struggle from time to time.

The villains of the UCM (Cinematographic Universe of Marvel) have been well known for putting the heroes who star in the movies on the spot. However, much of these moments of advantage they have had is due to the weapons they use to stand up to the good guys.

This is why a list of the five artifacts that have been best used by evil on the tapes in question has been prepared.

This time the top will be made in a traditional way. That is, the fifth best will be mentioned first, thus leaving the one considered the most special until the end.

#5. Helicarrier (Helicarrier)

The Helicarrier at the UCM
The Helicarrier was used by Hydra in The Winter Soldier.

The helicarrier is the flying base of S.H.I.E.L.D., which since 1965 has appeared in the comics as the headquarters of the organization. It was originally designed by Jack kirby.

On the big screen he first appeared in The Avengers (2012) being the team meeting place. However, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the aircraft carrier is intercepted by Hydra, who had infiltrated the security corporation since its founding.

In addition, said evil group creates other prototypes that have to be destroyed by Steve Rogers, in company of Mary Hill Y Falcon.

#4. The destroyer

The Destroyer in the MCUThe Destroyer in the MCU
The Destroyer was Thor's enemy in the 2011 film

Yes OK The destroyer can be considered an enemy, he is enchanted armor. That is, it is programmed to follow orders, thus being at the disposal of a living being.

He made his appearance in the MCU as one of the great threats he faced in his first solo live-action feature film.

#3. The universal weapon

The Universal Weapon in the UCMThe Universal Weapon in the UCM
Ronan, The Accuser, used the Universal Weapon to attempt to oppose Guardians of the Galaxy

The universal weapon was seen for the first time in cinema by the hand of Ronan, The Accusedr, who in his office serving the Law Kree, he had to use it for this to be fulfilled.

Such a weapon gives the wearer the ability to fly. But this may be the least relevant, as it performs explosions of force and projection of energy. In addition, the most important thing is that it changes the structure of matter, absorbing it and manipulating it.

#two. Tesseract

The Tesseract at the UCMThe Tesseract at the UCM
The Tesseract, Loki's great ambition to conquer the world

The Tesseract, which would initially appear as a cosmic cube, took one of the most interesting unexpected twists in the Cinematic Universe, turning after its initial use into a Infinity Stone.

Loki is the largest user of this artifact, because thanks to him he manages to open a portal to bring the Chitauri to Earth, which are stopped by The Most Powerful Heroes of the Planet.

In other words, this was the basis of the first great universal threat of the UCM.

#1. Infinity Gauntlet, the treasure of the MCU

The Infinity Gauntlet in the MCUThe Infinity Gauntlet in the MCU
Thanos accomplished, in large part, his mission thanks to the power of the Infinity Gauntlet.

If there is one weapon that will never leave the minds of Marvel fans, it is the Infinity Gauntlet, which was used by Thanos to cut the universal population in half.

The ‘Mad Titan’ would have managed to collect all the Gems that gave power to his glove in Avengers: Infinity War.

For their part, after seeing the first victory of a villain in the MCU, the famous group of heroes would design another edition of the article in order to frustrate their plans and return reality to normal in Endgame.

What other weapon would you include on the list? What was the most special for you?

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