Tyler Rake will have a prequel or sequel with Joe Russo

Tyler Rake became one of Netflix's hits in this pandemic. Apparently, the film may have a prequel or sequel and will again have Joe Russo as a writer.

As expected, Tyler Rake It still has a lot of history to tell. The movie starring Chris Hemsworth and directed by the stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave It has been in the top positions of the most seen on the platform since it was released last April. Its success is such that, according to Netflix, it could end up being the best debut of a movie on the streaming platform. And although the end of the tape led to interpretation, they are very clear about the ending they want.

According to Deadline reports, Joe Russo has already signed on to write the script for the upcoming Tyler Rake movie. At the moment he is the only one who has confirmed his return with AGBO, the production company he shares with his brother Anthony. Sam Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth They won't receive offers to return until the script is finished, but the Russo are confident that they both want to return.

Sequel or prequel?

Joe Russo at the moment does not want to anticipate anything about the future story of Tyler Rake: “We have not yet committed ourselves to whether the story will go forward or backward in time. We left a very open ending for him to leave questions among the viewers. ” Certainly, the new movie could bring Tyler back despite his ambiguous outcome, but it could also explore his past and the trauma that led to his becoming a mercenary.

For now, before closing an agreement with Chris Hemsworth, who recently dropped that he “paints” the idea for a new film, the Russo want to ensure that Sam Hargrave also wants to return because they consider him key to Tyler Rake's success: “What is key is that we need an action director with muscle like Sam to be the main creative force in executing the action ”.

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