Universal Pictures gives green light to remake of The Others

The production companies Universal Pictures and Sentient Entertainment will once again bring Alejandro Amenábar's Los Otros to the big screen.

In 2001, the Chilean director Alejandro Amenábar he revolutionized the horror genre with his film The others. Starring Nicole Kidman, the film soon became a hit, grossing over € 200 million at the box office and grabbing seven Goya awards. These include Best Picture and Best Director. For his part, Kidman got nominations for the BAFTA and Golden Globes for his performance. The terrifying story captivated viewers around the world and now Universal Pictures has given the green light to its remake.

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The remake will come through a partnership between Universal Pictures and Sentient entertainment. In April of this year it was announced that Sentient had obtained the rights to The Others. The company won the rights to Amenábar's film after a long dispute with FilmSharks and Enrique Cerezo's Video Mercury.

On Sentiend's side, the producer Renee Tab He spoke remake of The Others with the Deadline medium. “I'm honored to be able to work on my favorite horror movie of all time, The Others. We seek to bring this new imagination to the big screen for a new audience. "

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Tab also explained why they believe it is time for an adaptation and how the themes of the film will be translated into the present. “It is mysterious and weird how the themes of the film are relevant today: self-isolation, paranoia and fear, and of course the intense desire to want to protect our children and ourselves from danger. We want to decipher the layers of Grace's character, whose pain and demons draws the viewer on a true journey of compassion. "

Set in 1945, The Others follows Grace stewart, a woman who has to take care of her children alone in a large mansion while her husband is at war. In turn, a group of mysterious workers appear at the house asking for work, Grace accepts. The arrival of these people coincides with the beginning of a series of bizarre events and Grace's children claim that there are more people living in the house.

For now, the remake of The Others is in development and although the producers have been announced there are no other news. The project is looking for director and screenwriter And although the candidates are not known it has been announced that they have to lean towards a renowned director who reinvent and modernize the concept. The truth is that the director who is in charge of the new adaptation of The Others will have a difficult time replacing Amenábar. Nor is the cast known and especially the actress who will play Grace Stewart.

The Universal remake of The Others is not the only one that has been announced this year. In June it was known that the producer BTF Average he would create his own adaptation of The Others. This remake will arrive in the form of a television series in Spanish. Ivonne Vela BTF spoke about what the public could expect from his project. “This is a powerful story that even though it was written 20 years ago continues to resonate today. We are sure it will appeal to a large audience. "

The two remakes of The Others are in the early stages of development. Adding to the typical delays that Coronavirus (COVID-19) productions face, it is most likely that there is still enough to see them finished. Do you think the new adaptations will be at the level of Alejandro Amenábar's film?

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