Warner Bros covers Zack Snyder's Justice League smash hit

Warner Bros covers Zack Snyder's Justice League smash hit

Warner Bros has long gone to great lengths to downplay Zack Snyder's brutal Justice League impact.

In one of the strangest movements seen in recent movie and streaming history, Warner Bros He decided to spend money on remaking a film to hope that it would not be successful, although it did not work for them since they obtained the opposite, that is, success. It is difficult to understand, but there are still many managers who do not like the work of Zack snyder and that's why we'll probably never see Justice league 2.

An estimated $ 70 million was spent remaking the version of League of Justice from Zack snyder in a project that is estimated to cost about $ 500 million in total, so it will never be profitable. But if they got that HBO Max It will increase in paying subscribers, which makes it a great victory.

They don't want the fans to know that it was a hit.

An estimated 3.9 million people have already seen League of Justice from Zack snyder, but Warner Bros is not releasing the hard numbers in an effort to try to prevent fans from continuing to ask for the continuation of the SnyderVerse. Since the film studio wants people to turn the page and thus be able to reboot the characters. That is why they have hired J.J. Abrams to take care of the most important heroes of Dc comics.

But above all, they do not want new films with other actors and directors to be affected by fans of Zack snyder and of the League of Justice. Since they want to reunite the spectators under the same banner. Something similar to what happened with Star wars, because the Episode VIII created an authentic “Civil War”, that only series like The Mandalorian have been able to finish.

Therefore, they do not want the followers of Zack snyder attack what J.J. Abrams will prepare in the future. So for now the only thing they can think of is to minimize the success of League of Justice.

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