Warner Bros. stopped development of Supergirl movie

According to new rumors, it seems that Warner Bros made the decision to stop the development of the new movie focused on Supergirl. But why is this choice due?

When it was announced in September 2018 that Henry Cavill would no longer play Superman at DC Extended Universe (DCEU) fans expressed their discontent. Shortly after this report, the rumor emerged that Warner Bros I planned to turn the page and prioritize a movie from Supergirl who would fill the role of the Man of Steel in a new cinematic universe. However, we have not heard from this project for a long time and now it seems that it was paused.

Remember that Henry Cavill debuted as Superman in The Man of Steel, a film that managed to fascinate a large number of fans. The same did not happen with the next films, mainly with League of Justice which ended up marking the end of these new actors. Given this failure at the box office, Warner Bros decided how much Ben Affleck how Batman and Henry Cavill how Superman were not profitable elements in the franchise, that's how it emerged The Batman and the idea of Supergirl.

What will happen then?

According to a new video, Warner Bros decided to pause the development of Supergirl because there is no point in continuing with the superheroine and completely dispensing with the Man of Steel, so they are planning the return of Superman, which still leaves unanswered whether it will be the actor we already know who will play him in the cinema or if they will opt for a new face.

In the last year and a half what we have been able to verify is that Henry Cavill He is very willing to return to the role of Superman, he cries out for it, but Warner Bros. has not made any official statement. At the moment, fans of the actor can see him on The Witcher, the original series of Netflix, which has already confirmed its second season.

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