Warner Bros strategy to keep Zack Snyder on their side

A box office analyst believes that Warner Bros only makes Zack Snyder's version of Justice League to keep Zack Snyder in the studio.

Many people wonder why Warne Bros wants to spend $ 70 million on remaking League of Justice with the version of Zack snyder and release it in HBO Max. And now there is an analyst who has a very interesting theory and that has nothing to do with satisfying the fans who have wanted this version since they were dissatisfied with the movie that was released in theaters in 2017.

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It is very rare that a film studio that acknowledges that its film was a failure spends an additional $ 70 million to remake it.

This may come as a shock to those fans who asked for this version on social media and thought that thanks to their push they got it. But it seems that Warner Bros I just wanted to keep tied to Zack snyder, so your decision to do with Netflix the movie Army of the dead, which has already spawned plans for a prequel and an animated spin-off, led to Warner Bros to realize they don't want to lose the director to a rival streaming service.

"Everyone sees studios as these financially motivated monolithic entities, but when you see something like this it tells you that more is happening," explains the analyst. "An X factor must be taken into account: Do we want this person to work elsewhere or do we want to keep them internally?"

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"If it doesn't make hard financial or objective financial sense, then there are subjective motivations and factors at play," he continues. “They want to be in Zack Snyder's business just like Warner wants to be in Christopher Nolan's business. It is a long-term strategy ”.

so yes Zack snyder signed to do his version of League of Justice, will surely make more movies with Warner Bros, although it is not known if they will have to do with DC Comics or they will have another theme.

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