Warner Bros wanted to include the origin story of the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight writer claims that Warner Bros. originally wanted to tell the origin story of Joker in the movie.

One of the brightest parts of the movie The dark knight, is the mystery around the figure of the Joker. The character was briefly introduced to the final of Batman Begins (2005), when Commissioner Gordon alerts on this new criminal. Then he proved to be an agent of the Chaos that makes the city of Gotham impossible.

But now, the co-writer of the film David S. Goyer He claims that Warner Bros. originally wanted Joker to have an origin story included in the movie. He says the executives wanted to have things a little more developed for the main villain of The Dark Knight.

"I remember when we were talking about‘ Well, what if the Joker doesn't really have an origin story? " Goyer recalled. "Even after the success of Batman Begins, that was considered highly controversial, and we had great rejection. People were concerned. "

He also recalled a scene they thought for the movie The Man of Steel (2013).

David S. Goyer has been related to many superhero movies, since apart from co-writing The Dark Knight, he also participated in the story of The Man of Steel. What was the presentation of the Superman by Henry Cavill.

Ironically, there was a scene we wrote that was not filmed in which Superman's adoptive father Jonathan Kent takes young Clark to hunt and kill a deer, and young Clark is greatly affected by the act, and Jonathan says, "It is a powerful thing to take a life, even if you are forced to take a life." I always thought it would have been interesting… We never filmed it ”, explained the writer.

"We were trying to tell a different kind of Superman story, a Superman story that had never been told before. Great changes were required, ”he continued. DC staff had accepted it. That does not mean it was not a mistake. But if you sit down and say, "I don't want to take any risks ..." That's not a healthy way to approach the material.

The Dark Knight continues to be one of the top-rated movies in the superhero genre and is in part thanks to the Joker and his chaotic presence.

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