Warren 3 file could delay release for up to a year

File Warren 3, the next franchise movie started by James Wan, could be delayed much longer than expected because of the coronavirus.

Due to the pandemic that we are going through, there are many films that were forced to change their release dates and also to pause their filming. Within this list enter Warren 3 file, the third tape of the famous horror franchise that I had already planned to start working on the story. According to new information, the film will have to delay its release and could be up to a one-year wait.

According to Deadline (via), the decision is not final and apparently everything would depend on the behavior of other studios and distributors when launching their projects. Anyway, the next installment of the franchise created by James Wan would join some productions that would no longer be able to see the light this year and they would be launched until 2021. Bad news for fans of the saga who hoped to see the Warren 3 File as quickly as possible.

A situation that gets complicated

Right now, coronavirus cases in the United States continue to grow exponentially, causing the audiovisual industry to be forced to adapt to other options such as the release of numerous films in digital format. As if this were not enough, the strongest bets of various companies (such as Tenet, Mulán, Bill and Ted 3 and a long etcetera) have had to go through their original dates more than once in less than two months. Yes, Warren 3 File is not the only tape that had complications.

Regarding the third installment of the Warren File, it is reported that, if Warner Bros chooses to move the premiere, the date that would be assigned would be the 4 of June of next year, space that was previously contemplated for another film of the horror genre. We will have to wait to see this new movie, which they assure will be "something very different".

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