Wasn't it canceled? The new Spawn movie has a new screenwriter

After 24 years of the launch of its original edition, the Spawn reboot has already found someone to collaborate in the writing of the script.

Writing a script is perhaps, along with directing, the most difficult role anyone can fill in a production. Through his words, adorned with instructions and set details, conversations and scenes take shape, thrilling the audience with a memorable end product. This is why it is with great care that someone is sought for the position. Spawn, a project dating from 2017, had not yet found the right one.

In 1997, the independent comic Spawn made it to the big screen. Despite not having an exorbitant budget, the film achieved an impressive cast. Michael Jai White embodied the dark protagonist. Martin Sheen and the colombian John leguizamo they also participated.

However, the critics were not long in destroying the tape. In the same way, the comic was released, but the public was not very convinced. Thus, having a lot of fabric to cut, a reboot began to be considered a few years later.

Four years ago, amid the great boom in superhero movies, studios began to move towards a new version of it. Thus, a positive conclusion was reached, hiring Todd McFarlane, creator of the homonymous comic strips as a writer.

However, due to his lack of skill as a librettist, the producers considered that he would need support from the medium. Thus, it became known that Brian tucker will be the scriptwriter of the project. The latter will have to work with the sketches made by McFarlane, giving it a cinematographic output.

Brian tucker

The editor was fulfilling these functions in Broken city. The 2013 feature film focused on politics, mafias and scandal. It was starred by Mark Wahlberg Y Russell crowe, leading the screenwriter to make the great leap of fame in Hollywood.

These two are the only two names associated with the project, along with Jason blum of Blumhouse Productions, who is in the executive part. Confirmation of a director and a large studio to support the development is expected soon. Actors like Jamie foxx Y Jeremy renner They have expressed their interest in being part of it.

Source: Collider

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