Watchmen: Darren Aronofsky suggested the end of the film

Recently, it was revealed that the ending seen in the Watchmen movie was suggested by Darren Aronofsky.

The dark and transgressive vision embodied in WatchmenRegarding superheroes (rather, antiheroes), it reached its peak in that shocking ending. In fact, the implications of the outcome, handled by the homonymous graphic novel, were taken up in the 2009 film adaptation, although in a different way. And apparently, Darren Aronofsky played a very important role in achieving that end.

In conversation with the Script Apart podcast (via), the screenwriter for the movie Watchmen, David Hayter, He mentioned how complicated it was to stick to the culminating events of the comic, due to how extremely bloody they would be less than a decade after the attack on the Twin Towers. In the forms written by Alan Moore, it is a gigantic "alien" monster that emerges in New York, causing a bloody mass slaughter.

“We knew that it would be very difficult to stay with the end of the graphic novel, in addition to the fact that 9/11 had passed and I I didn't think we should show images of corpses in Time Square. I didn't think that was appropriate, "Hayter said of the Watchmen finale. "So that inspired me to say that people had to disintegrate into shadows, like the painted Hiroshima shadows featured in the comic."

Aronofsky's help

The Californian screenwriter said he had considered, at some point, that Ozymandias used a solar laser beam for the genocide, "which was a terrible idea." But fortunately the director of The Black Swan (2010) came to the rescue. Hayter recalled that Darren Aronofsky was “for a weekend” committed to directing Watchmen. In fact, Hayer was able to have some conversations with him about the project, until Paramount finally notified that the filmmaker would have to resign in order to finish his film The Fountain of Life (2006). However, he was still able to do his bit.

“He (Aronofsky) sent me a note that said‘ I have a friend who is a physicist and had an idea for the movie. What if Doctor Manhattan is the agent of destruction? ’. That just fit my brain. "

And that was how the Watchmen movie, finally directed by Zack Snyder, opted for nuclear power reactors detonating in New York, and with Manhattan taking over as the author of the catastrophe. A striking fact is that a while ago Malin Akerman revealed that she did not feel comfortable filming the director's tape. | Movies, comics and series