What does the Tenet title mean? Quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory

Without a doubt, Christopher Nolan's movie Tenet is the most enigmatic in recent years. We try to offer some explanations.

We recently saw the new trailer for Tenet by Christoper Nolan, but far from solving the doubts we have has caused us to have more questions. We also know that the plot is about a group of people trying to avoid the third world war. However, there is also something strange at stake here: an element that doubles time and quantum theory will be very important to it.

It is no secret that Christopher Nolan loves to play with time, like he does in his movies like Origin, which has caused that there are even fans who have theorized that Tenet may be a kind of sequel. The trailer makes it clear that it is about an agency that works to prevent the global catastrophe, and there is something called "tenet", which seems to be a way to play over time. Kind of like manipulating what has happened instead of time travel.

In the trailer they tell the main character and the viewer not to try to understand it, but to feel it.

But although Christopher Nolan sends us the message that we do not try to decipher the secrets ahead of time, we are very curious and want to know more. Like for example what the title of Tenet means.

Tenet's literal translation is principle, dogma, or canon. And it has been shown that there is a fundamental limitation to our ability to measure time, combining quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of general relativity. So it is something that the film will explore. Interestingly he played with something similar in Interstellar, since it showed that time passed differently depending on where they were. For this reason, a man stays in the ship and becomes very old, while for the rest who travel to the aquatic planet, only a few hours pass.

So to understand Tenet, either Christopher Nolan has made it very clear or you will have to know quantum physics and have Origin (2010) and Interstellar (2017) fresh in your memory.

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