What is the cinema movie that has divided critics and viewers the most?

Now we know what the most divisive cinema film has been between what the specialized press and the audience think.

A new study of the scores of the Internet portal Rotten Tomatoes identifies the most divisive movie of all time and is a rather surprising result. For starters, it is not a cinema film, but a documentary.

Lately, the gap between viewers and critics has widened. A good way to collect what both sides are saying is Rotten Tomatoes, now a study has done an exhaustive search through the archives of hundreds of audiovisual products to find the most controversial cinema film of the last four decades.

The result is that the most divisive is Netflix's Knock Down the House, a political documentary focused on four campaigns of Democratic women in the 2019 US primaries. While it has an impressive 100% critical note, only 18% of Audience reviews were positive. The sample is quite wide since there are 102 reviews that have given it a positive score and zero negatives. While there are 2,830 ratings from viewers, which means only 509 of them liked it.

What is the cinema movie that has divided critics and viewers the most?

Although few movies have divided fan reactions as much as Star Wars: The Last Jedi did in 2017, the eighth episode in the franchise only ranked fifth on the list with a 48 percent gap between critics and audiences. Above The Last Jedi were American Outlaws (54 percent difference), Hale County This Morning, This Evening (60 percent difference), Hannah Gadsby: Nanette (78 percent difference), and the aforementioned documentary Knock Down the House (82 percent difference).

The documentary received a massive trolley.

Given the number of divisive franchise films that have been released in the last decade alone (eight of the top ten films and sixteen of the top twenty on the list were from the 2010s), the documentary's placement at the top is not very surprising. For there is a terrible tendency for some "revision blitz" media to disagree politically. While critics who write for posts are generally trustworthy, certain segments of the masses, particularly misogynist trolls, can draw scathing criticism without being subject to honesty or regulation, which often leads to these bulging score gaps.

So to know if a movie is good or not, it is best to see it and decide for yourself. Since the opinion of the critics increasingly distances itself from the viewers. While spectator scores can be manipulated by armies of trolls.

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