What is the theme that sounds in the trailer for The Batman?

The first trailer for The Batman has been released, teasing the traditional mix of heartbreak and action. Here is the song that plays with the trailer

Fans have been eager for months to see something from the movie and have had their wish fulfilled at the DC FanDome event when Matt Reeves personally presented the first teaser for The Batman. The footage includes the traditional mix of Bruce Wayne's heartbreak and Batman in action. Even without being the symbol of the hope of the city, he walks the line between being feared and revered, between man and myth. Despite that, it is seen that he is already working with Jim Gordon and begins to investigate when Enigma begins to write to him directly. The trailer also offers a look at Kravitz's Catwoman and Farrell's Penguin. The Dano Riddle, however, remains completely wrapped up. Throughout the Batman trailer that is accompanied by the song “Something in the Way” by Nirvana.

The trailer's song is accompanied by elements from Michael Giacchino's score - giving Kurt Cobain's lyrics and music even more of an eerie noir feel. The lyrics lend themselves to Bruce Wayne and the trauma that will be explored in The Batman. Cobain wrote the song based on the moment his mother kicked him out of the house and he was forced to fend for himself. He makes several references to the ways Cobain tried to get through the day and the things he had to do to survive. The song mainly focused on how to find food and water. However, that could easily translate to how Bruce Wayne needs to find ways to channel his anger, guilt, and general pain.

The Batman trailer song also references a leaky tarp, which could also play on the frequent theme of a Batman struggling to maintain his sanity. After all, those who fight monsters must often be careful not to become one. And that when you look into the abyss, the abyss does not look back too deeply. Capturing animals that become pets is also mentioned, which could serve as a representation of the strange, often symbiotic relationships that Batman forms even with his villains. Not to mention the need for his demons as fuel to help the citizens of Gotham City. Of course, the deeper connections the song has to the story will become more apparent as more images are filmed and become available. And even more so when The Batman finally hits theaters.

We leave you with the original Nirvana theme below

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