What we can expect from Jurassic World: Dominion

Jurassic World: Dominion is the new movie of the famous dinosaur franchise that will be available for theaters in 2021. A delivery with which they want to start a new era of the franchise. Film awaited by its followers because it seems they want to go back to the roots and recover the original actors of Jurassic Park. Next, we talk about what the saga has meant and what we can expect from this new film with the information available.

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Brief summary about the Jurassic Park saga

Jurassic Park, directed by Steven Spielberg, was published on the big screen in 1993. It did not take long to become a worldwide phenomenon, achieving the record in collection until Titanic stole the baton. It presented an amazing realism for its time when mixing animatronic mockups together with some computer generated effects, even today they continue to surprise. The story is inspired by the novel by Michael Crichton where a paleontologist, played by Sam Neill, and his paleobotanical partner, Laura Dern, are invited to give the go-ahead to a park on Isla Nublar, near Costa Rica, with real dinosaurs born thanks to genetic engineering and cloning. A failure in the system caused by a worker causes the creatures to escape to the danger of visitors and workers. The success led to a sequel with The Lost World of 1997. The company in charge of cloning the dinosaurs of the first installment tries to capture the creatures that roam free on the island to open a new park, this time in the heart of San Diego . In 2001 they returned to the fray with Jurassic Park 3, being the worst valued by the fans. They saw it as a missed opportunity to tell a good story by only showing a series of encounters against different dinosaurs within a poor plot.

In 2015 we met the Jurassic World movie directed by Colin Trevorrow. It is a continuation and at the same time a restart of the franchise with a park already in full operation for years. The problem arises when they genetically modify a specimen in order to attract more visitors, making it more dangerous and intelligent. Of course the dinosaur escapes causing chaos. The film did work at the box office, but despite being entertaining it was content to show a special effects show instead of an interesting story. It had a sequel in 2018 with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that did not surprise, entertaining but without the force of the original.

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Jurassic park and Jurassic World in popular culture

The launch of Jurassic Park in the 90s was accompanied by a wide range of merchandise of all kinds. Its success caused many to demand t-shirts, caps, figures, posters and any other material about the film. Likewise, numerous video games were developed for different consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox or the classic MegaDrive, expanding the universe of original films. We even have the recent Jurassic World Evolution, a strategy title where we can organize our own dinosaur park. Comics were also published that adapted the first two Jurassic Park films and other spin-offs from Topps Comics and IDW Comics publishers. In addition, the saga has its own slots, casino portals such as Betway have online slots with varied themes such as fantasy worlds, ancient cultures and, of course, inspired by popular movies such as Jurassic Park.

What's to come with Jurassic World: Dominion

Jurassic World: Dominion aims to go back to the roots with the iconic characters from the first installment, Sam Neill as Alan Grant, Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler and Jeff Goldblum in the role Ian Malcom. The idea is to connect with The Lost World by returning to the island where said film was developed, with the aim of presenting a plot closer to the demands of the most staunch fans. On the other hand, in this third part they want to recover the majority use of animatronic dinosaurs, with a presence that will surpass the two previous films to show the greatest realism seen in the entire saga. It only remains to wait until June 10, 2021 to see if it meets expectations.

Jurassic Park is a saga that already belongs to popular culture. The followers are attentive to what the new movie will bring us because if they tell us it is true we will have dinosaurs for several decades.

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