Why are Marvel movies so successful? Chris Evans gives us the answer

Chris Evans has played Captain America in Marvel movies since his 2011 debut. Now he explains the reason for the success of this film saga.

Marvel movies began forming their franchise in 2008 with the premiere of Hombre de Hierro and The incredible HulkSince then, up to 23 deliveries have hit theaters. There are many aspects that have made this saga a success, such as hiring very important Hollywood actors like Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr, but also that all the films are connected and the latest premiere anticipates what is about to arrive. Forming a whole that can be enjoyed individually or collectively alike. Without forgetting that the stories are full of action and humor. In addition, cameos, "fan service" and a wink to viewers are everywhere.

Chris Evans He commented in a recent interview on the secret behind the Marvel movies:

“Money stops with Kevin Feige, doesn't it? I mean, it must be. It would be one thing if there were some good Marvel movies and then a few stinky ones. It would be one thing if everyone else made the hits as easily as Marvel, but it's just not happening that way. I guess when you start collecting the data and figuring out what the common denominator is, I really think it must be Kevin Feige. He doesn't let things be bad. "

Who is Kevin Feige and what is his method of work?

The current overlord of Marvel movies is Kevin Feige, supervises all premieres and makes important decisions. In addition he is also responsible for the Marvel series and even the comics section. But although he is now one of the most powerful and influential people in Hollywood, it must be remembered that he has been at Marvel since 2000. So before starting with UCM, had already been involved in movies like X Men, Spider-man or disasters like Daredevil and Elektra. Therefore he was climbing the company little by little until 2007 where he was appointed president of production of Marvel Studios, a very high position but that collided with a committee of experts who had created with the best comic book writers who met to decide how to create the new saga.

So there was a very important confrontation between those who came from the world of comics and Kevin Feige, who was more seasoned in the cinema. Obviously Kevin Feige won and when Disney bought Marvel, he already became the most powerful man in the studio and since then there is no one to contradict his decisions about Marvel movies.

He has also created a working method, which seems to give him great success. Since they do many tests with the public. If the notes aren't right, he doesn't mind going back to filming until Marvel movies are as good as possible. The results are evident, after 23 films they have grossed more than $ 22.56 billion. further Avengers: Endgame (2019) is the highest grossing film in history beating Avatar (2009) by James Cameron.

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