Why didn't they include the famous T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park (1993)?

Jurassic Park writer David Koepp finally revealed why director Steven Spielberg decided to abandon the novel's famous T-Rex raft scene.

If you've read the Jurassic Park book, then you're probably aware that the blockbuster directed by Steven spielberg has different things from the original book of Michael Crichton. Including the absence of a key sequence involving the Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing Alan Grant and the children downstream from the jungle.

In the Jurassic Park novel, there comes a point near the end where Alan Grant, Tim, and Lex have to sneak out of a sleeping T-Rex and descend downriver. As Grant successfully inflates a life raft, the towering dinosaur wakes up and begins to chase him and the children down a turbulent river where they do their best to escape with their lives intact.

While Jurassic Park storyboards have been available online since at least since 2017, it remains a mystery as to what ultimately led to the scene being rejected. Although many have more or less correctly assumed that it was due to the cost and logistics behind the huge sequence.

Movie co-writer David Koepp (Spider-Man, Mission Impossible) revealed just how quickly Spielberg really decided not to try filming the sequence, and it seems like there wasn't much debate, as the director immediately said no.

“I think when I got there, he was showing me a bunch of boards he had made. Some of which were more or less exactly as you see them in the movie Jurassic Park. There was a sequence with the river, with the T-Rex and the children ”. But he ignored it and said, "Oh, we are not going to do this." It was cut very soon. There was so much that it was going to be challenging and difficult, and it hadn't even been discovered technologically in that movie. That the idea of ​​adding water to that made Mr. Jaws… would be quite difficult. ”

Remember that Steven Spielberg had a hell of a time shooting Shark (Jaws - 1975), since filming in the water was quite a traumatic situation. So he did not want to repeat the experience in Jurassic Park.

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