Why is the Alien cat so important?

Alien's cat, Jones, is probably the most famous feline in horror movies. But ... What is the true meaning of that animal from the Nostromo spacecraft?

Although the most shocking thing about this movie Ridley Scott is the monster that stalks humans, there are multiple theories about the alien cat. Since just like Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) survives the end.

Further, Jones, not only comes out unscathed on the first delivery, but James Cameron let him survive in the sequel. The mysticism of the Alien cat has endured throughout this time and now we collect the different theories that exist.

Why is Jones so important?

The first theory about the Alien cat is that it is a direct representation of the director Ridley Scott. The animal is the only character in the movie who can move freely around the ship and therefore through the plot. Human characters spend much of the movie unlocking and re-closing doors and barriers, but Jones can seemingly transcend the actual set of the movie and its physical limitations.

Also, almost every scene in the movie hints that the Alien cat is present, even if it isn't explicitly shown on screen. Not only does it take many of the characters to the next scene or plot point, but it also creates moments of tension, helping to shape the audience's reaction to what's happening, just as the director would. Therefore, Jones could represent Ridley Scott.

The next important theory is that the Alien cat is the best friend of the xenomorphic and he's been trying to help him kill the crew. This theory is supported by the presence of Jones in almost all the scenes where the terrifying monster appears. It apparently leads to Lambert to his death when she goes after him, and sees her murdered. He also appears to scare the crew in a variety of other scenes, such as when he is repeatedly mistaken for the creature in his scanners.

Perhaps the craziest theory about the Alien cat is that it could be a Flerken. That is, the extraterrestrial race similar to cats that appears in the Captain Marvel movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both Jones and Goose are orange male cats, there is an obvious connection.

The truth.

Ridley Scott had a limited budget to make the film, so he needed an element to create tension and teach on screen without its cost being very high. This is why he used the Alien cat, as in ancient times these animals were used on board ships to kill mice, rats, and other vermin. In addition, an animal always connects very well with the public and the director knew how to handle his scenes very well.

Regardless of Jones's importance as a character, there is no doubt that the Alien cat has become one of the most beloved animals in horror movies. It is so important that you even have your own book titled Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo, where Rory Lucey presents the full story of the film from the point of view of the animal.

As for why the Alien cat survives, it is said that H.R. Giger creator of the sets and aesthetics of the film was a great lover of cats. It is also easier for the audience to assume that a human dies when a being comes out of his chest, to see how they kill a cute fur ball.

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