Why is there so much purple in the Samuel L Jackson movies?

Mace Windu, played by Samuel L JacksonHe will always be remembered for being the only Jedi with a purple lightsaber, but it is a color that is repeated in the actor's movies.

Samuel L Jackson He has become one of the most respected actors in the industry and a favorite among viewers as he starred in films like Pulp fiction, the prequels of Star wars, The protégé and he has also played Nick Fury in several films of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But there is something curious in the filmography of Samuel L JacksonAs her love of purple has also been incorporated into many films in which she has appeared. Sometimes subtly and other times in very obvious ways. In fact, the anecdote of how he convinced George Lucas for what Mace Windu had a lightsaber of that color.

Examples of the use of purple in his films.

Before the Star Wars prequels, Samuel L Jackson managed to add a bit of purple to his character in The Long Kiss Goodnight (Lethal Memory - 1996) through a gem ring, and wore a purple hat on Changing Lanes (To the limit of the truth - 2002). One of the most obvious purple details is the suit Mr. Glass wears in The protégé (2000) and Crystal (2019), which also became the color of the character. Like green was the color of David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and yellow that of Kevin and his many personalities (James McAvoy).

Other characters to whom Samuel L Jackson added a touch of purple are Lazarus, from Black Snake Moan, who played a purple guitar (although many argue that it is actually cherry red). Neville Flynn from Snakes on a plane it has a blue and purple snake. The Richmond Valentine company used purple on the SIM cards as well as on the interface of its mind control machine in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Even her character in Turbo, the Whiplash snail, received its dose of purple accessories, with eyes and neon lights that represent the favorite color of Samuel L Jackson.

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