Why the new Star Trek movie is delayed so long

There have been many reports for a long time about a new Star Trek movie but the project has not been finalized, these are the reasons for the delay.

In 2009 they reinitiated the saga of Star trek with the film directed by J.J. Abrams, then came the second part in 2013 with the same director and the same protagonists. In 2016 the person in charge was Justin lin and since then they have given more importance to series such as Discovery and Picard. But the new film does not arrive and that the actors have always stated that they want to return.

According to the latest information, Paramount have put the Star Trek movie on hiatus Noah hawley (Legion, Bones) had written and planned to direct. Emma watts, the new president of Paramount Motion Picture Group, you are trying to figure out what the correct course of action would be for a franchise that is so important to them.

There were other plans to make different movies.

Other options you have are the movie you wrote Mark L. Smith for Quentin Tarantino to direct. But it seems that the director ended up rejecting the Star Trek project. Lastly, there was an idea where Chris Hemsworth he would star again as the father of Chris pine in a time travel story.

At Paramount they seem to like the idea of ​​both Hawley's and Smith's movie. Smith's version is based on a classic Star Trek episode that takes place on earth in a 1930s gangster setting. It could serve as a Logan-like movie to end the current franchise. Hawley's movie would require an entirely new cast with a story revolving around a deadly virus, which may not be the best idea at the moment.

Stark Trek continues to be a powerful franchise for Viacom-CBS. With great success on the television side, so they want to make sure they do well in the movies. That is why they will wait as long as they think is adequate to move forward with the correct project. Although that means that we will not have anything new from the saga in the cinema in a few years.

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