Will Amber Heard make a cameo in the Flash movie?

The Flash movie will explore the DC multiverse on the big screen, and the story of Flashpoint in the comics will be a major arc, which is why Amber Heard seems to be interested in a cameo in the movie.

Flash is gearing up to be a must-see movie for fans of DC comics as it's set to align the DCEU with the multiverse. Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne will return alongside Ezra Miller's Scarlet Runner, but so will Michael Keaton, repeating his version of the Dark Knight for the first time in 30 years. Sasha Calle will play Supergirl, and director Andy Muschietti just revealed a first look of her supersuit. But could we see Amber Heard in the movie?

It's currently unclear what other faces from the DCEU or from the DC movie past might appear alongside these cast members, but we can be sure that many more will appear. The movie is supposed to be a Flashpoint adaptation, after all. Speaking of which, there is one star in the franchise who is apparently eager to appear in the film, as Aquaman actress Amber Heard would be pushing for a small role as Mera in the film.

This new rumor comes from inside information Daniel Richtman. Further details are not known, but it is worth noting that this is not a far-fetched idea, as Mera has a role to play in the Flashpoint comic. In the darkest timeline of this story in the comics, Atlantis and Themyscira are at war. Since in a timeline a ruthless and cruel Wonder Woman, beheads the queen of the underwater kingdom.

Will Amber Heard make a cameo in the Flash movie?

Will Amber Heard make a cameo in the Flash movie?

Gal Gadot is rumored to have a chance to play the evil Diana Prince in this movie, so this story is likely to unfold on screen and both actresses would be thrilled to work together on the DCEU.

The Flash is in full production with plans to release in November 2022. Heard, meanwhile, is preparing to reprise her role as Mera in Aquaman 2, which will begin filming soon. Both productions are based in the UK, which would greatly facilitate Heard's cameo.

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