Will Hugh Jackman make a cameo as Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2?

Although Hugh Jackman already said goodbye to Wolverine a while ago, a new rumor ensures that Marvel Studios wants the actor to make a cameo in Doctor Strange 2.

The Wolverine story ended in 2017, at least on the big screen. However, it looks like Marvel Studios have big new plans for Hugh Jackman. According to a new rumor, the actor could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe by making a cameo of the mutant in the Doctor Strange 2 movie. If so, one of the great wishes of the fans would be fulfilled.

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The truth is that the MCU waited a long time for the explicit introduction of the multiverse. Previously, it was mentioned in several films, but there is still no clear proof of its existence (at least among the characters). But, apparently, the company wants to take the big leap and fulfill a dream for the fans. Everything seems to indicate that his appearance will take place in WandaVision, the series that Disney + will premiere very soon. However, it will be with Doctor Strange 2 that things could come to a truly critical and exciting point. Since according to rumors, Hugh Jackman would make a cameo as Wolverine in the film.

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Is it true?

According to information posted by Daniel Richtman, who often learns about the big news in Hollywood before anyone else, Hugh Jackman could have a cameo as Wolverine from Doctor Strange 2. The goal would be to bring together as many memorable characters from comics for a unique installment on the big screen.

Although Hugh Jackman declined Marvel invites many times, it seems the time has come to give them a chance. There is no doubt that Marvel Studios may have a great proposal, where we will see one of the infinite versions of Wolverine that exist in the multiverse. So they would not be affecting the legacy of James Mangold under any circumstances.

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