Will Smith and Kevin Hart will remake Better alone than in bad company

Actors Will Smith and Kevin Hart have joined forces to make a new version of Better alone than in bad company (Planes, Trains & Automobiles).

Paramount Pictures plans to remake the 1987 classic of John hughes, Better alone than in bad company, for this they have Will Smith and Kevin Hart in the main roles. Both actors will also produce under each of their companies and Aeysha Carr she will make her directorial debut and write the script. His previous credits include producing great shows like The Carmichael Show, Brooklyn nine-nine and the next series Woke.

The original film stars Steve Martin and John candy like two men who intersect and could not be more opposite. They are forced to travel together to get home on some festive dates. As well as being arguably one of the best Thanksgiving movies of all time, it features a heartwarming story with plenty of humor. John Candy's work, in particular, is tremendous and Steve Martin often cites the movie as his favorite of all the ones he's done.

Both Will Smith and Kevin Hart have a lot of experience starring in buddy movies, of course, so that won't be a problem. But they will have to do a great job and show great chemistry with each other if they want to live up to the original.

Paramount needs a big hit.

Although it is one of the top five studies, it is certainly in last place in terms of relevance and success over the last decade. Transformers has seen a decline in both quality and box office business with each entry and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles only got two movies. For now they only have the blockbusters Tom cruise such as Mission Impossible and Top Gun: Maverick. So betting on two comedy greats like Will Smith and Kevin Hart seems like a great idea.

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