Will the New Mutants be released on Amazon?

The New Mutants continues without much luck. After its twists and turns, the film was finally going to hit the big screen but was hit by a pandemic. Now, will it be released via Amazon?

Definitely the drama of The New Mutants keep going. The film that was going to give a return to the saga X Men Focusing more on terror has not stopped accumulating delays between alleged reshoots to change it almost completely, the purchase of Fox by Disney and more setbacks. Finally it seemed that at last this year we would see it released in cinemas, but the coronavirus arrived.

Some days ago, Disney announced the new release dates for his post-pandemic movies (if all goes well), but The New Mutants was no longer on the list. Was it going to go from being released in theaters to direct digital platforms or Disney +? Everything seemed to point to it last Monday, May 4, when Trailer Track discovered that the film was already in pre-sale in Amazon United States and United Kingdom. There was no release date, but its appearance did not bode well for those who have not lost hope of seeing The New Mutants on the big screen.

However, hours after the presale link began to vitalize, Amazon removed the film from its catalog and posted the following message: "Our agreements with the content provider do not allow purchases of this title at this time." For this reason, it is not known if it was a mistake and they went a long way in Disney's plans or if the decision to make a premiere on VOD has slipped in before the distributor had announced it. At the moment, the film is in the midst of limbo. Meanwhile, here you can see some promotional images ... beware, they have spoilers.


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