Will there be a live-action remake of Atlantis: The Lost Empire?

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of Disney's most underrated films. A new rumor ensures that there will be a live-action remake, and the creators of the story weigh in on it.

The truth is that Disney found a new treasure in producing remakes of classic films, but in live-action versions. His next find is Mulan, which will arrive via Disney +. According to a new rumor, the house of the mouse would be thinking of carrying out a live-action of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Faced with such a stir, the creators of the story spoke about it.

Now at last the directors of that animation film have responded to the rumors, but sadly for many, it has not been in a positive way. Both Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise have been blunt in stressing that Disney is not planning to get down to business with 'Atlantis', at least not in the near future. "From what I've heard so far, the only rumor that 'Atlantis' is being portrayed as a live-action movie is only on the Internet," Wise said. "No one has told me what is really happening." To make matters worse, Trousdale adds that, in fact, he has heard the opposite "that at the last major convention where Disney launched its five-year plan [D23 Expo], Atlantis was not thought of."

Is there no chance?

This news, which many fans of Atlantis: The Lost Empire will not like, the aforementioned filmmaker does not think so bad, because none of them want to have their classic revisited. "I have mixed feelings about live action remakes," says Wise. “On the one hand, it's great to have been involved in films that have had such longevity and that arouse such deep affection in audiences that they would be excited to see a new film adaptation… But also, it's like… Put on the original and go is".

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