Will there be Back to the Future 4 ?: The cast gave their opinion

After the reunion that took place this year, many fans of the trilogy wonder if Back to the Future 4 could be a reality. Amid so much mystery, the actors reveal how the panorama is.

We all know Back to the Future, because we saw it or simply by name (because it is a movie classic). The truth is that this film, starring Marty McFly and Doc Brown, won our hearts from the beginning and of course it also did with its last two films. After its enormous success, it won fans of different generations who wonder if a Back to the Future 4 is possible.

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Much was said about a fourth film, remakes and every possibility that may exist within the cinema area; The truth is that no agreement was ever reached and the original idea of ​​just leaving the saga with its classic trilogies was always maintained. But, during this year and to raise funds for the coronavirus, the cast met via streaming and fans felt that there was hope for Back to the Future 4.

What will really happen?

A few days ago, during a virtual panel held at Wizard World; James Tolkan, actor who played Mr. Strickland in the movies, revealed the following: "There is always talk that 'someday' the director is going to do Back to the Future 4. But it has not been achieved."

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Let's remember that during an interview in 2018, Christopher Lloyd himself stated that to make Back to the Future 4, a very good idea was needed but that he also did not rule out the possibility. However, Robert Zemeckis, after listening to the actor's words, revealed that "never, ever, will there be, in the most absolute way, Back to the Future 4". In this way, as much as the cast may have the desire to reinterpret a classic film story, the people behind the project do not have the same desire. Meanwhile, here we tell you who would be the perfect people to continue this saga.

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