Will there be Justice League 2 ?: HBO Max and Zack Snyder plan the future

According to various media, HBO Max and Zack Snyder would already be working on Justice League 2. Is this possible?

From the moment Zack Snyder revealed that the Snyder Cut was coming to HBO Max, fans are very eager and happy to be able to see his version of the film. Although there is a time to go before its release, this project is expected to exceed expectations and become a success. And apparently the streaming platform and the director think the same way. According to new rumors, they would already be planning Justice League 2.

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Recall that originally, Zack Snyder had planned for the Justice League to be divided into two installments, but the second was canceled. It was only when fans asked for the director's cut that Warner Bros decided to back down with its plan and take up the proposal it had rejected from the director, and which Joss Whedon dramatically modified. The latest rumors and confirmations give us hope that Justice League 2 is a reality.

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Will it happen?

That the Snyder Cut has a second part, is not a very crazy or unexpected idea. In recent months, DC fans received big surprises such as the return of Ben Affleck as Batman in Flashpoint and the inclusion of characters like Joker and Deathstroke in Justice League. Now, the Small Screen medium revealed that three different sources reported that HBO Max and Zack Snyder are working on what could be the second part of the miniseries.

Justice League, whose first cut lasted more than 3 and a half hours, will now be transformed into a miniseries of four chapters of one hour each. In this way, it is very likely that a Justice League 2 will follow the same format. The first source revealed the following: “Snyder and HBO Max are already talking about making Justice League 2. It will be another four-part series instead of just one movie. It could end up being released as a movie later. ” Meanwhile, the second reported that the director is already working on the script with Chris Terrio.

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