Will they do a 'David Ayer Cut' version of Suicide Squad?

After the Justice League Zack Snyder Cut was announced, it would be interesting if we could see David Ayer's version of Suicide Squad that Warner Bros mutilated.

The cut of Zack Snyder of League of Justice will launch on the platform HBO MaxSo is it possible that David Ayer's director's Suicide Squad can receive similar treatment? It must be remembered that the production of this film also had many problems due to the re-recordings and the internal war between director and executives.

The first trailer for Suicide Squad is much more in line with the darker shade set by The Man of Steel (2013) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Things changed dramatically with the second trailer. Since it added neon bursts, much more comedy, and a rather clever use of Queen's song 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. It was later reported that Warner Bros. had ordered extremely expensive reshoots to align the film with the lighter shade of that trailer. Supposedly about 22 million in cost, much more than the 6 to 10 million that movie studios usually spend to fix the films.

They will do a 'David Yesterday Cut' of Suicide Squad

Batman v Superman made Warner Bros. managers very nervous.

The problem is that David Yesterday "It hadn't been proven to make blockbuster movies," and the nervous Warner Bros. executives were "ready to forcefully intercede while trying to protect a brand asset." Initially, David Ayer had only been given six weeks to write the script because the studio was set for that Suicide Squad release date in August 2016. While Warner Bros. continues to insist that the finished product is definitely a product. from David Ayer, that didn't stop them from following their own editorial vision for the film while Ayer worked on his in the editing room.

So there's a darker, better-edited second version of Suicide Squad that we'll probably never see. Unless something like the Justice League Zack Snyder Cut happens.

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