Without James Bond, Spider-Man by Sam Raimi would not have happened

James Bond played a major role in helping Sam Raimi's Spider-Man make it onto the big screen in the early 21st century.

After what Marvel sold the film rights to Spider-man In the 1980s, ownership passed through many hands, with several filmmakers (including one James Cameron) participating in the development of possible adaptations. As the turning point approached, various stakeholders ended up in lawsuits to determine exactly who owned what. MGM claimed to have inherited the film's historical rights Spider-man, and Columbia (a subsidiary of Sony Pictures), to whom Marvel sold the character in 1999.

Casually, Spider-man was not the only iconic character who Columbia and MGM who had divided film rights. MGM had been distributing the franchise of James Bond since 1981, but Columbia had purchased the Bond franchise. They were planning another 007 adventure rebooting Royal Casino from 1967. None of the studios were especially excited about the idea of ​​confronting these characters. So an agreement was reached whereby MGM could continue to release their James Bond movies, while Columbia obtained exclusive rights to Spider-Man.

Leaving film rights issues aside, the adaptation of the Marvel hero got underway.

Spider-Man's long season in development hell came to an end. Since Sam Raimi was hired to direct Tobey Maguire in Peter Parker's big-screen debut in 2002. Expanding on a trilogy, the Spider-Man movies set the standard for superhero cinema. Since they got great box office and were praised by critics (at least 2 of them). But without Bond's intervention… Would the story have happened otherwise?

Thanks to James Bond, Columbia could convince MGM to drop the Spider-Man case. Since both studios had released their own movie versions of the superhero Marvel. This would have greatly lessened the impact and could confuse viewers. Although more likely, the character would have ended up in trials for years. Both scenarios would have gotten in the way of Raimi's Spider-Man movie. So the whole superhero boom that preceded the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the trilogy of Nolan's Dark Knight It could never have happened.

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