Wolverine's son is a missed opportunity for X-Men movies

It would have been very shocking if the X-Men movies feature Wolverine's son, as they would have created a great conflict.

Wolverine is one of the main characters in the franchise of X Men and they have shown their history through the different films either in a group or alone. Even if Logan presented the character of X-23, who is his clone, in the movies they never explored any of Wolverine's other children. Logan's children span the various Marvel universes, including the main universe and alternate universes like MC2, Ultimate, Mutant X, Earth-9811, Earth-13729, and Earth-295, but none of them have been seen on the big screen. .

One of the most well-known children of Wolverine from the main Marvel Universe is Daken. Also known as Akihiro, he is Logan's son with his now deceased wife Itsu from his time in Japan. Like his father, Daken has retractable claws and regenerative healing power. However, his powers are not an exact copy of Logan's. The healing factor Daken uses is not just automatic like Wolverine. Since it is affected by his mental state. Their claws also differ, as they are black in color and one of them comes out of their wrist instead of the knuckles. Daken also has additional powers that Logan does not possess, including the manipulation and control of pheromones.

Wolverine's son is a missed opportunity for X-Men movies

Daken has had a troubled past that would have been perfect for an origin story.

Itsu was killed by the Winter Soldier on his mission to return Wolverine to Madripoor. Daken was later removed from his dead mother's womb by Romulus, but due to his healing powers, Daken managed to survive. But his life did not have a fairy tale ending. Instead, it was filled with harassment and death of loved ones.

There are many stories within the X-Men franchise that Daken has been a part of. He first appeared in Wolverine: Origins, where he infiltrates S.H.I.E.L.D and confronts his father. He kills him temporarily by cutting his stomach and letting it bleed, just like Itsu did. Daken was part of the Dark Avengers team that debuted as part of the Dark Reign comic event. The group, created by Norman Osborn, is one of the cruelest comic book teams of all time. He was also known as Dark Wolverine in the Utopia comic as part of Emma Frost's Dark X-Men and in Dark Wolverine's solo career.

Daken and X-23 have teamed up multiple times in the comics, so introducing him as a character after X-23 appeared in Logan would make perfect sense. He has been part of the Brotherhood of Mutants and was also involved in stories with Apocalypse after becoming one of its Horsemen.

One possible reason why Daken's plot hasn't been explored in the Wolverine films is that he could potentially have a bigger role in one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films now that Disney owns the X-Men franchise. Since superhero movies are often criticized for not having enough LGBT representation, Daken's bisexuality would also open up another avenue for movies to explore.

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