Wonder Woman 1984: Cheetah's final look revealed in more detail

A new Cheetah figure from Wonder Woman 1984 offers a detailed look at what the character will look like in her final form.

A new Cheetah toy from Wonder Woman 1984 offers a detailed look at what the character will look like in his final form. The sequel is slated to be the first DC Extended Universe movie to hit theaters since theaters closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. After initially having a premiere date scheduled for December 2019, Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed back to June of this year, only to be delayed two more times due to the pandemic. The sequel is now scheduled to hit theaters on October 2 (if the virus allows).

The sequel sees the return of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman while Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor. Patty Jenkins, who won accolades for the first film's combination of emotional depth, action scenes and humor, is returning to direct. Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal will also appear, with Pascal playing the character of Maxwell Lord, one of Wonder Woman's enemies in the film. Wiig plays Barbara Minerva, a shy archaeologist who transforms into the classic Wonder Woman villain, Cheetah. So far, trailers have mostly avoided showing Wiig in his full Cheetah look, save for a small image of his facial makeup, leading fans to think that this is a Cheetah Halloween costume and now, a toy.

The online advertisement for a Cheetah doll from Wonder Woman 1984 Walmart displays photos of the toy, including Cheetah's full costume. Assuming the toy is true to the movie, this is the most detailed look we've gotten so far of the Cheetah costume. The biggest reveal is that the character appears to have cat's feet rather than feet, hinting that his transformation is more than just a costume. You can see photos of the toy below, including a close-up of the feet.

Wonder woman

This ties in with the character's comic book origin, in which he switches between his human form and his cat form. A video was released recently that hinted that Wiig's version of the character will undergo a complete physical transformation to a predator. Hopefully, Cheetah's final look will be less disconcerting than the toy looks in these photos.

Since it looks like Cheetah will have a real transformation staying true to the comics, it looks like Wonder Woman will have a great battle ahead. Diana Prince will not only have to deal with this supernatural villain, but also with the aforementioned Maxwell Lord. Hopefully, the combination of these two characters will give you a greater challenge than the one you faced in the first installment. Regardless, fans can only hope that Cheetah will properly adapt to the big screen when Wonder Woman 1984 finally hits theaters.

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