Wonder Woman 1984 could be released directly in streaming

Warner Bros is seriously considering the possibility that Wonder Woman 1984 Get straight to the HBO Max platform and skip theaters.

The current situation in the film industry is very worrying, as the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has caused theaters to stop releasing films and all are delayed to 2021 or beyond. Warner Bros has the experience of Chritopher Nolan's Tenet, which although it has raised more than 307 million dollars worldwide, it was estimated that it would have to reach 800 to be profitable. So now they are wondering whether to carry directly Wonder Woman 1984 to streaming.

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For now, the movie Wonder Woman 1984 should be released on December 25, 2020, but the executives are clear that they will not delay it again, or it comes that day or it makes the leap to HBO Max.

It must be specified that the premiere may vary depending on the country. Although Wonder Woman 1984 can be seen in streaming in the United States, that does not mean that in other places there is the possibility of enjoying it in cinemas, so we will have to be careful to know how the new adventure of Gal Gadot as the superheroine of DC Comics.

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The situation of cinemas in the USA is very worrying.

Regal Theaters, America's second-largest chain, has closed all of its locations and it is unclear if they will reopen. AMC, the largest cinema chain in the world, announced that it will close permanently in six months if something does not change before that date. With almost every major Hollywood release except Wonder Woman 1984 arriving in 2021 and it seems clear that nothing will change before AMC's six-month deadline. Therefore, with such a scenario, it is normal that the streaming service is a very valid option.

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