Wonder Woman 1984 could change its release date again

Wonder Woman 1984 podría volver cambiar su fecha de estreno

Could Wonder Woman 1984 push back its release date again? Nothing is confirmed yet, but the CEO of Warner Bros has her doubts.

To begin we have to digest the words of Ann Sarnoff, CEO of Warner Bros., always keeping in mind that the management of the coronavirus pandemic and therefore its consequences in the film industry, vary greatly depending on the territory. That said, the situation in the United States is much worse than in Spain (seen from the point of view of movie premieres). In this way, perhaps the focus of this study in our country does not go in parallel to what is being raised from Hollywood with Wonder Woman 1984.

A great example is Tenet and its triumphant release in Europe, a success that suggests that Warner would continue to release its films on the international market regardless of what happens on the other side of the pond. To put it in perspective, Christopher Nolan's film, which finally arrives this September 4 in markets such as the United States or China, has worked very well in the countries where it has been released before. In fact, it would already have raised almost 54 million dollars internationally, and at the Spanish box office it would add more than two million euros. So, Wonder Woman 1984 could arrive on the planned date in Spain and not in the USA.

What will it really weigh?

If we have learned something in recent months, it is that things can change radically from one day to the next. Thus, it is not surprising how cautiously Sarnoff alludes to the Wonder Woman 1984 affair, and the manner in which Warner is dealing with the situation. “We are still figuring out the strategy to follow for all of our films,” Sarnoff told The Hollywood Reporter. “We have rethought many things. Obviously, 'Wonder Woman 1984' is next and for now, it is where it is. As I have said before, certain movies deserve to be seen on the big screen. My belief is that 'Wonder Woman' is one of them. “

So for now “Wonder Woman 1984” is where it is, although Sarnoff's words do not convey too much firmness. In Spain specifically, its premiere remains set for next October 2.

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