World War Z actress still hopes for a sequel

World War Z co-star Mireille Enos is still hoping for a sequel to the 2013 zombie movie, although that doesn't seem like it will happen.

Every movie fan wants David Fincher make a big budget zombie movie. This almost happened when they were willing to give the green light to the sequel to World War Z. Director of The social network (2010) was on board to direct World War Z 2 for Paramount. But the studio backed out at the last minute over budget concerns, which is understandable given the costly production of the first film.

However, to Mireille Enos, World War Z co-star, doesn't care how much it will cost. She just wants to do another one, just like Brad Pitt.

"World War Z seems to have a little curse on it," Mireille Enos said in a recent interview. “We were all lined up to start. We had Fincher, we had a beautiful script and then it just didn't happen. "

Paramount announced plans for a sequel shortly after the original hit theaters in 2013.

J.A. Bayonne was chosen to direct with a script by Steven Knight, but other commitments forced Bayonne to leave World War Z 2. Time passed until in 2017 the studio contacted David Fincher. A later report said the movie was scheduled to begin filming in the summer of 2019, but by February of that year, the sequel was dead.

"It seems a shame it wasn't done," Enos told Variety. "The first one was so good."

The production of World War Z is legendary. Initially costing $ 125 million, the budget soared to between $ 190 million and $ 270 million thanks to extensive changes that resulted in the entire third act having to be rewritten. What was a massive battle between humans and zombies in Russia turned into a more content ending that involved a small group of people in a clinic fighting the undead while developing a cure.

The big change in the ending caused Paramount to delay the film for six months, hence the budget. In the end, World War Z was a success, grossing more than 530 million worldwide. To this day, it remains Brad Pitt's biggest hit. But it didn't make enough money, which is why the studio has been reluctant to the sequel, which would have cost more than $ 200 million. | Cinema, comics and series