WWE star The Big Show wants to play a Marvel villain

There are plenty of WWE wrestlers who are making the leap to the movies and The Big Show wants to bring one of Marvel and Spider-Man's greatest villains to life.

Dave Bautista is Drax the destroyer, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will play Black Adam and John Cena will be in the Suicide Squad movie (2021) in a role that has not yet been revealed. These three are a few examples of WWE fighters who are in superhero movies. The next one could be The Big Showwhose real name is Paul Wight. Since you have commented that you want to give life to Wilson Fisk / Kingpin in a future installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Big Show currently has a series on Netflix, where he plays himself as a fighter who has left the ring to spend more time with his family. But the WWE star turned actor wants to join the UCMBecause you know that will lead you to global stardom right away.

"What I'm really interested in and would love to do is if they want a remake, I'm definitely going to go pretty hard if they do a Daredevil remake," revealed The Big Show. "And I'm definitely going to go after Kingpin pretty tough. I think Kingpin is perfect for me. "

The truth is The Big Show definitely the right size and looking to portray the classic enemy of Daredevil and Spider-man on the screen. However, the fighter later signaled that he would accept any role from Marvel Studios. He also commented that he would like to be like Samuel L. Jackson. Since he works hard and does not intend to reject anything.

Marvel has no immediate plans for Kingpin in the upcoming movies.

Although The Big Show wants to play Kingpin, it seems that Marvel will not take this villain or Daredevil to the cinema in the coming years. One of the reasons is that the Netflix version was so good, that it will be difficult to show these characters with other actors.

Do you think The Big Show would be a good choice as a Marvel villain? Leave us your comments below.

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