Zack Snyder has already seen Wonder Woman 1984 and shares his opinion

Justice League director Zack Snyder has already seen the Wonder Woman 1984 movie and is eager for all fans to see it.

Zack snyder recently revealed that he saw Wonder Woman 1984 and he loved the movie. Its premiere is scheduled for October 2, 2020 and Patty jenkins direct it again. The actress Gal gadot will be the big star again and she knows what it is like to work with the director in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and League of Justice (2017).

During the panel League of Justice From the DC FanDome, which aired online, Zack Snyder featured short interview segments with the stars of the popular movie. When Gal Gadot appeared on screen, she emphasized the incredible experience she had as Diana Prince and thanked her fans for supporting Snyder Cut. In response, Zack Snyder revealed that he had seen Wonder Woman 1984 and that he loved Gadot's performance in the movie.

This was the conversation:

Gal Gadot: “Zack, when you cast me for the role of Wonder Woman, I had no idea of ​​the incredible journey that awaited me. It has been life changing playing this character, especially since I have met so many amazing fans from all over the world who love her like we do. Fans, I hope you are sharing this experience today, because everything is happening thanks to you. So for all the fans who asked for this cut, they obviously have their own superpowers, because just like the members of the Justice League, they are stronger together and they made it happen. So thank you, I love you! "

Zack Snyder: "Thanks Gal! I can't wait for fans to see you in Wonder Woman 1984, which is an amazing movie, and you are amazing in it. And Patty of course did an amazing job, so you guys are an amazing team, and minds are going to be blown when you see the movie. So thanks again. That was great". | Cinema, comics and series