Zack Snyder removes any trace of Joss Whedon from Justice League

It's clear that the Justice League remake will be 100% Zack Snyder and there will be nothing from director Joss Whedon.

The case of the movie League of Justice (2017) is unique in the world. Since he started to roll it Zack snyder and had to leave production due to the death of his daughter. So Joss Whedon revealed to him and at first it seemed like a good choice, since years before he had commissioned the first two films of The Avengers.

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Instead of following the initial plans of Zack snyder, director Joss Whedon He decided to make a quite different movie, which left the fans somewhat unsatisfied and on top of that there were scenes with very poor special effects. So after its premiere and only grossing 657 million with a budget of about 300 million, a campaign began to make the version of Zack snyder.

A few years later, the streaming platform HBO Max announced that Justice League will premiere as a 4-hour miniseries respecting the vision of Zack snyderAt first we thought they would just make editing changes and add special effects. But actually about $ 70 million will be spent and new scenes are being shot.

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Those responsible for the film that reached theaters will not repeat in the new version.

They are removing any trace of Joss Whedon that the new montage might have. Since two producers of the theatrical version are no longer associated with the project and will not be credited in the film of Zack snyder.

Jon berg Y Geoff johns they were executives of Warner Bros. when they supervised the feature film of the League of Justice, which earned them the title of producers. But both Berg and Johns have since left the studio and have not been involved with the remake at all. It seems that it was one of the great demands of Zack snyder, since then he would feel freer to be able to make his vision of the great heroes of DC Comics.

There are also more surprises. Since the movie we saw in theaters made no mention of the Joker by Jared Leto, but it has been confirmed that the actor will shoot 2 new scenes. Together with him, they also return to filming Ben affleck (Batman), Gal gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ray fisher (Cyborg).

Zack Snyder's Justice League will premiere on HBO Max in 2021. | Cinema, comics and series