Zack Snyder reveals that Joker killed Robin before Batman v Superman

The movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hinted that Joker had killed Robin and Suicide Squad confirmed this. Now Zack Snyder explains it better.

There is a scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where we can see a Robin costume with a graffiti that is supposedly from the Joker insinuating that this had killed the companion of the cape crusader. In the movie of Suicide Squad by David Ayer, is confirmed thanks to the letters that appear next to the presentation of Harley quinn. But it was missing what a wonder boy it was, the logic towards thinking that it was Jason Todd, but Zack Snyder he had other plans.

Answering some questions from fans on the social network VeroZack Snyder confirmed that it was Dick grayson who died before the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So it is his suit that hangs in the Bat-cave with some yellow painted letters. This clarifies the earlier comments from Suicide Squad director David Ayer, who gave the impression that he was Jason Todd the one that was dead.

Zack Snyder also revealed that he had plans to insinuate the death of Dick Grayson in the League of Justice. It is unclear whether he is referring to the Justice League that was launched by Warner Bros or his canceled Justice League Part 2.

It worked better than it would have been Jason Todd and not Dick Grayson.

If we follow the events of the comics, Dick Grayson stopped being Robin and became Nightwing. Later Jason Todd was trained by Batman, but the Joker finished him off, in one of the most iconic moments in the comic books of DC. So it doesn't make much difference that Zack Snyder chooses Dick Grayson. Especially since at that time, Warner Bros wanted to make a Nightwing movie.

Let's hope that in the new version of the Justice League that will premiere on HBO Max, there is some reference to that character that will satisfy the fans. | Movies, comics and series