Zack Snyder showed his Justice League montage to DC executives

For a very long time, Zack Snyder has been trying to get Warner or DC interested in his Justice League montage, also known as the Snyder Cut. It seems that the moment has finally arrived.

The rumors about the famous "Snyder Cut" of Justice League return to the charge. Everyone knows that the great DC superhero gathering is surrounded by bad news. From Zack Snyder's departure midway through filming for his daughter's suicide, to the arrival of Joss Whedon to finish it, to DC and Warner executives making a lot of changes that caused a box office failure.

For fans of Superman and company, the Zck Snyder montage held out hope. They wanted to believe that there is a "good version" of Justice League out there. To this day we still do not know how complete this supposed montage is, if they are only loose scenes and Snyder's notes. It is believed that there would be a fairly complete version of the tape, with virtually no visual effects.

According to Heroic Hollywood reports, Zack Snyder would have taught his version of the film to DC executives and they would finally be talking about what to do with it. Although his arrival in theaters is practically ruled out, it begins to comment that he could see the light in domestic format or in streaming. In fact, it would be a very juicy option for the arrival of HBO Max, Warner's new streaming platform.

Will we have news soon?

At the moment we have to take this as a rumor. But just in case sign up on May 20 at 5pm, Spanish time. Zack Snyder has announced that at that time he will start on Vero, the social network that has become his main form of communication with fans, a viewing of 'The Man of Steel' to keep us entertained in confinement. In addition, there will be a round of questions and answers. | Movies, comics and series