Zack Snyder suggested that Warner Bros and Joss Whedon betrayed him

For the past few weeks, Joss Whedon has been in the eye of the storm. Following Ray Fisher's criticism, now add some comments made by Zack Snyder.

Justice-Con took place over the weekend, an event hosted by DC Extended Universe fans looking to celebrate that Zack Snyder's Justice League hack will be released next year on HBO Max. When the director participated, he gave some details about the process for his film and expressed his feelings about Joss Whedon's work, although some may not have paid enough attention to notice it.

On Saturday when Zack Snyder spoke about Whedon's choice to end production, he stated that he and his wife, the producer Deborah Snyder, they decided to leave the film to be together with their family after the suicide of their daughter, but the election of Joss Whedon was made by a committee and they accepted because they were "quite distracted".

With those words he confirms rumors that began circulating since 2017 that he was not happy with what Joss Whedon was doing, but Warner Bros. tried to hide it since the director of The Avengers I was just giving a few final touches to League of Justice and that he remained faithful to the spirit of Zack Snyder. With the premiere it was confirmed that this was not the case and the filmmaker's followers noted that he betrayed everything that had distinguished the DCEU.

Snyder's betrayal

According to various reports and the testimony of several involved in the production, only about a quarter of Zack Snyder's cut remained, however his name continued to appear as a director and Joss Whedon's only as a screenwriter, despite the latter he was in charge of remaking most of the film.

The betrayal that Snyder suffered is clear, and those who lived it in the flesh were the actors, since Ray Fisher recently spoke of the disastrous attitude of Joss Whedon on set, which was backed by stunt doubles and, according to filmmaker Kevin Smith, by special effects artists. Even during Justice-Con, Ray Fisher reaffirmed that he is not afraid to face a lawsuit because he claims that his words are 100% true. | Movies, comics and series