Zack Snyder to reveal new clip from his Justice League court

Good news for Zack Snyder fans. Apparently, a new clip about this version of the Justice League will be published very soon.

Zack Snyder fans are very eager to see the Justice League cut, which we also all know under the name Snyder Cut. This version will arrive next year on HBO Max, and although it takes a long time, fans are eager to gradually discover what will be seen in the film. And of course Zack Snyder loves to fulfill his dreams.

So far, we've only seen a very short preview of Justice League that showed Wonder Woman lighting a mural of the villain Darkseid with a torch. But, this will change this weekend when a new clip is shown to continue filling us with excitement. At least that's how Zack Snyder implied on his social networks.

Progress on the Snyder Cut

The journalist Grace Randolph He interviewed the filmmaker and during said interview he announced that this weekend, in which Justice Con will take place, he will show a clip of his version of Justice League: “Maybe it will show a clip. It's a small clip, well, I mean, maybe I will. ”

Although apparently it is a “maybe”, it is logical that the event will present a preview of the expected film. We know well that there is a lot of new material coming to the Snyder Cut, a cut that will exist outside of DC continuity. According to rumors and statements of the people involved in League of JusticeWhat hit theaters was about a quarter of the original version, and while the official film lasted two hours, the Snyder cut will last more than three hours. | Movies, comics and series