Zack Snyder to turn his new movie into something similar to Star Wars

Reason Zack Snyder will never make a Star Wars movieReason Zack Snyder will never make a Star Wars movie

Director Zack Snyder will direct a new film whose story was destined to be part of the Star Wars franchise.

It has recently been confirmed that Zack snyder will direct a new film titled Rebel moon. The funny thing is that this story was going to be part of Star warsbut in the end they scrapped the idea. Therefore it will now become your direct competition.

Zack snyder will direct and write the script for Rebel moon which will tell the story of a space colony that exists in a remote area of ​​the galaxy that lives in peace. But when an evil ruler named Balisarius arrives with a powerful army, it causes a great conflict. So the inhabitants of the moon can only resist, so they appoint a young woman to travel to nearby planets and bring warriors to join the fight.

This story could perfectly be a Star Wars plot.

Rebel moon was originally a project that Zack snyder had developed as a "mature" story of Star wars about 10 years ago. But they did not achieve anything and when Disney I buy LucasFilm in 2012 it was completely scrapped. But the visionary director continued to think that it was something that had to be done and now he has reworked the story together with Kurt johnstad Y Shay hatten, who have worked with him in movies like Army of the Dead or 300. So they started creating their space drama around the same time they were planning to create their zombie thriller for Netflix.

Zack snyder wants to convert Rebel moon in a space saga that rivals Star wars since he hopes to turn this massive story into a universe that can be constructed from different points of view.

Zack snyder confirmed that:

"I've been making designs, constantly drawing, and really cultivating its fertile ground to make this world come true." He also assured that they will start filming in 2022, although there is still a lot of work left before the cameras go live.

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