Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead to feature prequel and anime series on Netflix

Zack Snyder's upcoming Netflix movie Army of the Dead will feature a prequel and anime series

Zack Snyder's upcoming Netflix movie Army of the Dead will also feature a prequel and an anime series. Snyder's movie, his second foray into a zombie movie after his directorial debut Dawn of the Dead, follows a group of soldiers who are hired by a casino owner to travel to zombie-filled Las Vegas to take back the money he left behind when zombies attacked the city.

Army of the dead

Army of the Dead is seen as a spiritual sequel to Snyder's 2004 debut, though the films seem to share little DNA beyond being set in a post-apocalyptic world full of the undead. Snyder's movie features a great cast led by former wrestler Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Garret Dillahunt, and Ana de la Reguera. It also features comedian Tig Notaro, who replaced comedian Chris D’Elia following accusations he received of sexual assault earlier this year. Also part of the cast is German actor, producer and director Matthias Schweighöfer.

Collider reports that the movie has had not one, but two Netflix-approved spinoffs, even before it hits the streaming service. The prequel film will feature Schweighöfer's character as the lead, with the star also directing. The site says the film will be an international feature film. The anime series will also be a prequel, but it will focus on the character of Bautista, as well as other members of the cast, as they deal with the beginnings of the zombie outbreak. Snyder talked about the spin-offs:

Zack Snyder directing Army of the dead

“I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to partner with Netflix again as we expand the Army of the Dead universe with an international prequel, as well as exploring the visually dynamic world of animation. It has been a great collaboration and we are delighted that Netflix sees this as an IP as big as we are. “

Schweighöfer also spoke effusively about the opportunity, saying that “it has already been a pleasure” to be involved in the film and that he is happy that the project is expanding “on so many different levels.” It has also been learned that Snyder will direct two episodes of the animated series, but that he had to hand over the directing duties to Schweighöfer for the prequel film given his commitment to finish the Justice League Snyder Cut for HBO Max.

The news is a clear indication of Netflix's confidence in Army of the Dead and Snyder's broader view of the world in which the film is set. It is rare for the broadcaster to announce multiple projects under the same banner before showing the content to the public and having proven successful. With a diverse cast coming from all over the world, it clearly has a lot of appeal, and Netflix is ​​probably interested in exploiting it. | Cinema, comics and series