Zatanna will have her solo film

Warner Bros. is developing a movie for DC Comics superhero Zatanna, a member of the Dark Justice League.

Good news for fans of DC Comics, so that in Warner Bros. are planning to bring the big screen to Zatanna. It has long been rumored that he will make a film of the Dark Justice League and it seems that they will start with the powerful magician.

So in a few days we have had exciting news with the DC Comics Universe. For starters, the movie The Flash will break the timeline and bring back the Batman of Michael Keaton. They will get rid of Bruce Wayne's Ben AffleckTherefore Michael Keaton's Dark Knight will serve as a mentor to young heroes like Batgirl and Zatanna.

Created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, first appeared in the comic Hawkman # 4 in 1966. Zatanna was an illusionist magician who realized her extraordinary powers when she tried to discover her father's whereabouts. Among his great abilities are extensive knowledge of magic and spells, Telepathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Chronokinesis, Elemental Control, Climate Control, Energy Explosions / Manipulation and Energy Constructions, Transfiguration of People and Objects, Distortion of Reality, Healing Skills, Astral projection, flight and levitation.

More plans for the DC Comics Universe.

J.J. Abrams is also preparing a Dark Justice League movie for HBO MaxBut it will have nothing to do with this Zatanna movie. Also Henry Cavill it is rumored that he might return as Superman. Without forgetting that soon we will be able to see Wonder Woman 1984 and also the filming of Shazam! two and Black Adam.

They are also in full shooting of The Batman with Robert Pattinson, who belongs to an independent universe, but that will surely be a great reboot of the Dark Knight.

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