Zendaya spoke about the new version of Mary Jane in Spider-Man

After the success of the new Spider-Man movies, Zendaya decided to talk a little about how it felt to interpret the new version of Mary Jane that we see in the story.

At the time when it was announced that Zendaya I was going to play Mary Jane, quite a scandal had arisen among the fans. Because MJ in the comics is white and the actress is not, something similar like what happened with Disney's new little mermaid. Then things calmed down when it was revealed that the actress's character would be called Michelle in Spider-Man: Back home.

It is a bet that turned out to be the most subtle way found by those responsible for the new Spidey when launching that reinvention of, indeed, Mary Jane. For Spider-Man: Far From Home We've already found out that Michelle answers MJ's nickname because her full name is Michelle Jones, and that Zendaya embodies a remake of Peter Parker's primary love interest. "I was lucky," says this interpreter, saying that by the time she started to sound like Tom Holland's partner, "they already wanted to recreate the character and make it a new version of what I think represents the original character of Mary Jane and simply do it to our way in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ”

“I just fit in with what was already a smart, fast, sharp and different young woman in the pages of the script. I have a great time interpreting it because I like being able to bring out my comical side and participate in projects that are not so heavy ”.

J.K. Simmons

While the character of Mary Jane with Zendaya, he not only found a new face but with a quite important turn from what is reflected in the comics, J.K. Simmons reprized the role he played for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. And it is that one of the surprises of the end of Spider-Man: Far from home was the appearance of J. Jonah Jameson again embodied by Simmons. That final scene announced the incorporation of the journalist into the new Spider-Man adventure saga that looks like he will continue to have this character.

"Yes, I'm back," said Simmons. "After disappearing for several years, there is a future for J. Jonah Jameson." In this way, the new Spider-Man brings us not only a new version of Mary Jane with the help of Zendaya, but also characters from the past.

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